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Apr. 19th, 2010


I have been so excited to do some serious drag/showgirl makeup for my friend AlliHalla's saloon outfits she made for the Carnival of Couture fashion show this Saturday the 24th in Eugene Oregon. My mom and I are emceeing and modeling, along with probably a hundred other models, heaps of designers, and best of all, tons of local and regional vendors selling all day.
The pictures above are a little sneak preview from my most bitchin' photographer friend Kaleigh Harris (she is splendid and takes all my best portraits) from a photoshoot we did today of Alli's creations. Hair and makeup was done at Dawn Baby Salon where I will soon be working!

Sideshow Bazaar and Marketplace:
Free to the public, family friendly
Carnival style entertainment every 45 minutes
50-70 vendors of locally designed apparel and fashion related items
Food & Drink
Games & Activities for all ages
Runway show: Carnival of Couture
7:30 pm
$10 presale or with Carnival discount*
$12 night of show
*make a purchase from any local designer selling at the market and receive discounted admission to the runway show!

Let me link you to some things now:!/event.php?eid=203482164954&ref=ts the show's facebook event! for info!
In conclusion! I hope all my Oregonians meet me in Eugene this Saturday and enjoy what is surely to be THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.

hello old friend

I am still alive, alive and well. Are you?

This is a good thing that we've been doing, look for a post on Monday on and some links to the other girls' blogs.

I'm still in school, I'm done in May, I can't wait.

I've been thinking a lot about a lot of things, weather changes make that happen.

been listening to this a lot, it's becoming a soundtrack to right now. It's instrumental, you know this song...

I wouldn't mind meeting a couple of brothers who looked like that...

Over and out, see you again soon?


All! hi! just a quick note to let you know I will hence forth be posting all pictures of me, outfits, outfits on me, me talking about outfits i like, etc etc will be posted here:

and all emotional or mean or super stoked things will be posted here.
I've had livejournal forever and I love it still, but it seems more or all of my blogger friends have switched over to blogspot (in, like, you know, 2008.)

end of an era? nope. just splittin'.

also! Eugene! have you been to Devour yet? get on it. it is so fucking good.

grilled sandwiches at $5 and cups of soup at $2. deals.

blackest night


I guess I will try to start living more of the Portland Dream. It's there, give it to me.


the aluminum tree was skipped this year, replaced by a live one that can be replanted.


windblown bangs


belts and bandanas on boots

tru luv

My resolutions are to look awesome everyday and party more, always. More fun 2010. More going out.

Dec. 24th, 2009


this is about all we do when my girlfriends and I get together.

I've been lurking in my mom's salon, picking up all kinds of insider tips, watching people cut off 17 inches of hair!

This is Kaleigh, she is a cutie.

before she was working on climbing hair mountain, clearly.

I have been swimming in holiday things, as I'm sure everyone has. I've been thinking about posting here, and that's half the battle, right?



I bought myself these shoes for my birthday. I love them, the heel is tall enough to be hot but sturdy enough to walk in and wear for hours.

I'm in Eugene for 2 weeks, so far, so good. I only packed cute clothes, I've only been eating delicious things. It's nice.

Hairspray Themed Dance Party


White Eyeshadow and Orange Lipstick (Gesso and Morange, respectively, MAC.)

Other things:
-quit the radio
-did all my laundry
-waiting for holiday break on dec.13
-christmas lights everywhere= ♥

when the going gets touch...

Been tryin' to live more like I had intended around here. Went to a couple of house shows the past nights, Shannon and the Clams (who were so surprisingly good and cute) and the Pharmacy.
I am so grateful my apartment is always warm, I am so grateful, most of the time but then all of a sudden I am like
"I hate bridges and I want to go home."

Only have 900 hours left of school, which is almost doable. I can't wait til December 13 when my winter break starts.

more good things:

I love Thanksgiving so much.

Also, these are my favorite websites right now:

Now playing: Lavender Diamond - In Heaven There Is No Heat

just around the bend

oh, picture post time! next picture post will be full of concert pictures, as i've seen some really good ones lately.


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